Fun Pink Earrings
Fun Pink Earrings
Fun Pink Earrings
Fun Pink Earrings

Avery Earrings in Paradise Pink

Spiffy & Splendid
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Make a bold (and pink) statement in these fun monochromatic earrings. These cuties are lightweight, durable and made from plant-based acetate acrylic. Note: They are handmade so each piece's colors might be slightly different. Talk about unique!


  • Nickel-free, stainless steel & hypoallergenic. (And cute.)
  • Handmade from plant-based acrylic.

Size: Each piece is just over 2" long.

Weight: Each earring weighs 0.125 oz.

Care: Take care of these cuties, ya cutie! Try not to get them wet. If they get dirty, gently wipe them with a microfiber cloth. When not wearing, store them somewhere cute and not all bunched up with a bunch of other cute earrings. (Talking to myself here.)

About Spiffy & Splendid: Spiffy & Splendid's mission is to bring joy to women through affordable, trendy, quality jewelry that inspires a renewed sense of confidence. They specialize in comfortable, quality styles to make every woman feel spiffy and splendid! Founder, Emily Spencer, created her business to fill the need for a flexible work schedule so she could stay home with their son and have another baby in the future. She has always been drawn to fashion and accessorizing, so pursuing something she was passionate about that allowed her to explore her creativity was the perfect fit. She loves what accessories can do to elevate your look and boost your confidence… like adding the finishing touch! Fast forward to today, and what once was a one-woman show is now a family-operated business run by Emily and her husband, Bryan, along with a team of local women hand-crafting the jewelry. They provide work for local women in their community who need a flexible work/life balance to make jewelry so they can provide for their families while staying home. It’s important to them to help women improve their quality of life whether it’s with opportunity or feeling like their most beautiful selves. 

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