Rainbow Chain Necklace
Rainbow Chain Necklace
Rainbow Chain Necklace
Rainbow Chain Necklace

Rainbow Chain Necklace

Sunshine Tienda
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This fabulously funky necklace in a kaleidoscope of colors will brighten up your wardrobe and spirit. 


  • Nickel-free!
  • Handmade with lightweight Vietnamese Water Buffalo horns and sourced via traditional cultural methods. The animals are not harmed in any way to obtain their horn.

Size: 18" long

Care: Take care of this cutie, ya cutie! Try not to get it wet. If it does get dirty, gently wipe it with a microfiber cloth. When not wearing, store it somewhere cute and not all bunched up with a bunch of other cute necklaces. (Talking to myself here.)

About Sunshine Tienda: Sunshine Tienda is a vacation-inspired accessories and beachwear brand designed around a simple state of mind—to “Be Vacation Happy.” Founded in 2014 by twin sisters, Laura and Amanda Ernst, Sunshine Tienda’s collections of statement-making jewelry, charming sun hats, and breezy beach dresses are influenced by a love of warm-weather destinations. Each collection of accessories is developed by the Texas-based duo and handcrafted by artisan partners around the world.

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