Cute Smiley Face Earrings
Cute Smiley Face Earrings
Cute Smiley Face Earrings
Cute Smiley Face Earrings
Cute Smiley Face Earrings

Smiley Face Earrings

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These long, colorful and smiley earrings will liven up your day. (Yes, y'all, even on a Monday. I have tried it. It's great.) Ahem. Note: These are a little heavier than the average earring on the site, but they are worth the weight. ;) See details below! Side note: We're all now dying our hair red, right?


  • Posts are gold-plated but nickel-free, stainless steel and hypoallergenic. 
  • Made from enamel. 

Size: Just over 3 glorious inches long by 1" wide.

Weight: Each piece weighs 0.60 oz. (May not be for you if you're not down with heavier earrings.)

Care: Don't wear these cuties in the water, ya cutie. They won't melt or anything, it's just a good idea to not get any of your earrings wet or they won't last as long. If they get dirty, gently wipe them with a microfiber cloth. When not wearing, store them somewhere cute and not all bunched up with a bunch of other cute earrings. (Talking to myself here.)

About Bohemian Gemme: Bohemian Gemme was established in 2016 by fashion lover Florence Barrera. All Bohemian Gemme designs are made with quality materials and manufactured in San Antonio, Texas. (CAN I GET A YEEHAW?!) You can shop their super cute jewelry, handbags, clothes and accessories IRL at their shop located at 721 S Saint Mary's St. San Antonio, TX 78205. (Check their IG for updated hours.)

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